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Dividend / Stock Price = Yield of Bond = % of Bank Loan + % of Inflation + % of Unemployment + % of VAT* * VAT, Value-Added Tax Mind the weighted average rate of your stakes in the basic idea of average. Go for IPO in view of the monetary crunch in a global scale. It is a financial leverage without the risk of loan interest raising. Notice the change of foreign exchange rate if invest abroad. Make a comparison among bank insterests, yield of bonds and the Ratio here (Dividend / Stock Price). The surge of yield of U.S. 30-year bond so far, it makes them worth of investing, yields at 3% circa. And it gets more and more valuable for bank deposits in foreign currencies, e.g., that of Mexico at 5.16% annually, for most of the stocks worldwide don't reach an annual revenue so good. However, it suggests that stocks in the bourses worldwide should not be preferred in view of the evaluation of this Inequality here. Notice the Effect of the Foreign Exchange Rate as well. If the exchange of any currency against USD falls for 50%, it means that you can buy double shares of the assets evaluated in that currency if you got USD. In case that you bought the stocks, then you will get double-paid dividend thanks to the Fall caused by FED. Make a global comparison in bond yields and bank interests. Notice those national bonds with the term of 2- and 5-year in European states, especially those of Italy and Spain with yield ranging from 30 - 70 %. And sometimes, they fall to over 900% accidentally for crying out loud. Consider this. Where can you get such usury legally? Don't forget to thank J. Yellen of FED (for her crunching monetary policy) right after you have got such a fatty usury! Notice also that inflation affects the value of your currency against USD negatively. In another word, the negative inflation (not uncessary to be deflation), it could consolidate the value of your currency to a point though there are other factors. Venezuela, you know I mean your absurd inflation over 1700%. As to the FED interest-raising, it is an opportunity cost to your chasing for higher revenue merely. You can do the comparison with the Ratio here. Hot Money Tax [Rate | Holding within term of] [90 % - 1 day] [80 % - 2 days] [70 % - 1 week] [60 % - 2 weeks] [50 % - 1 month] [40 % - 2 months] [30 % - 1 quarter, 3 months] [20 % - 2 quarters, 6 months] [10 % - 1 year] [ 0 % - 1 year up] It is for strengthening the status of your national treasury and social benefit system, which are both in bankrupcy. Especially, there seems to be a risk of World War III in the coming years. Sweden makes the conpulsory military service back in reality. It is not necessary to mean Russia but Germany rather. In case that your government ignores this simple taxation in the decree of Jews and bankers, well, your will have to take the risks mentioned as what we are witnessing in the Islamic World. Besides, you can never solve the mounting inflation making everyone poorer without this simple taxation. Europe, cancel your VAT with the Hot Money Tax ! VAT is the negative item to Aggregate Consumption, which is the item C in the Keynesian Equation, i.e., Y = C + S + I + G + (X - M) And Britain, save your NHS with it. As to my American folks, make Wall Street pay for your health care with Hot Money Tax on their high frequency trading. Hell with Obamacare staking up! In case of drought, flooding, wildfires or a fire emergence in your neighborhood, connect a wire between any hole of a power plug to the lightening rod or the water in a river, sewage, sea. It works. And it can save some money on your power bill, 5-15%. It can also do something to the magnitude and the frequency of earthquakes, as long as there are enough connections as such. South Carolina, eliminate twisters with this method! Millions know this since 2005. Tell all your friends about this for your enemies or rival might aware of this already. And I suppose that you know why there are so many spammers preventing you from knowing this informantion. cathy20048,, 曾大川 Mais oui, Monsieur Richard Attias! La France demande une change.

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